AmeriFunding is a U.S. Registered Corporation.  We are NOT affiliated with, or in anyway associated with the AmeriFunding Mortgage of a decade ago, and we are NOT affiliated with AmeriFunding.Com, nor are we affiliated with AmeriCredit, which is a division of GM.    Our Privacy Policy is here:  http://amerifunding.net/privacy-policy/  Our Phone number is:  571-501-6129.  Our goal is not to capture and retrieve information to sell to any other site or entity.  We have no motive for doing so.


AmeriFunding, Inc.  specializes in funding projects, getting the funds you need as well as Large Capital Projects like:

Oil Contracts

Malls, Office Buildings, Commercial and Residential

Projects which create long term jobs and/or lower the Carbon Imprint

AmeriFunding has a number of Specialities including Energy/Oil/Gas Contracts,  procurement of SBLCs, Bank Guarantees and the Monetization of SBLCs and Bank Guarantees at the lowest rates and highest returns.  We also offer a host of small business products like: Small Business and Start Up Credit Lines and Start Up Funding, we do CRE Hard and Soft Money Loans, Private Investment, and Joint Venture Funding.

Our Principles involve 12 Axioms:

  1.  Be a Godly person.

  2.  Create Wealth using Godly Principles.

  3.  Create Jobs and Focus on Jobs Growth.

  4. Reduce the Carbon Imprint through Projects.

  5. Create Developers not just Developments.

  6. Build Projects of Beauty.

  7. Develop Systems that Duplicate and Multiply.

  8. Always help another project manager succeed.

  9. Rush to the Aid of Any person who genuinely needs your help.

  10.  Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

  11.  Be flexible, adjust to circumstances, follow the Master Plan.

  12. Remember that the Miracle is Bigger than Human Expectations, PLAY BIGGER!

Our areas of expertise are in Lending,  Monetizing Financial Instruments (Bank Guarantees, SBLCs, MTNs) , Large Capital Projects, and Wealth Creation for the Project Managers we fund.

Learn More about Bank Guarantees, SBLCs and MTNs here

Learn about Hard Money Lending here


Our Mailing Address is:

AmeriFunding, Inc.  PO Box 943  Annandale, VA  22003

AmeriFunding’s Directives to:

1) Promote Peace of Mankind and Global Environmental Protection
2) Improve Social Change and Assist People’s in all areas of their lives
3) Improve Worldwide Infrastructure
4) Assist in Asset Acquisition and Asset Enhancement for Non Recourse Funding
5) Help Create Foundations and Companies that Promote Change
6) Establish Values System of Wealth Creation
7) Provide Long Term Jobs creations through Project Funding
8) Provide Certified Project Funding Consulting to Large Foundations, Corporations and Individuals who want to Invest with Principles before Profits
9) Assist Sovereign entities with Non Recourse Funding and shift the debt from the taxpayers onto the private banking and funding sector (s)



AmeriFunding’s Objectives  are based upon moral principles of putting “principles before profits”  and proclaims the above mentioned basic policy of Good Will and Justice to all of mankind. It promotes the well being of individuals towards service to the Nation, Society and the General Public Benefits.  AmeriFunding focuses on Projects which lower the carbon footprint, create jobs, impact society, and promotes the betterment of all peoples.