Aramco SBLC Program

Saudi Arabian Conglomerate Aramco seeks to obtain funding for American firms to move their energy projects to the Kingdom, and are seeking American SBLC specialists to fund those projects.   Although usually referred to as SBLC Monetization  or Bank Guarantee Monetization, this type of funding is predominantly a european or overseas technique.  As American funding sources have dried up, and as Institutions continue to tighten their restrictions on the types of loans they do;  Bank Guarantee and SBLC Monetization is becoming more popular in the United States.


Under the Mandate American SBLC providers are preferred by Aramco, and that makes a lot of sense too!  American SBLC providers are more accountable to their Clients, and in the event of something going wrong, the private bankers can be held responsible for their actions, or non performance.  Which seems to be the crux of Aramco’s decision for American Firms to seek SBLC and Bank Guarantee Monetization.