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06/04 2017

Leased Proof of Funds

In a word,   Leased Proof of Funds are worthless.  Vendors and Providers often provide this service, because there are such things as “Leased SBLCs” or “Leased BG’s”.  There is a major difference:   A Leased Bank Instrument still costs a Million or more US Dollars and the money goes to THE ISSUING BANK!   A Leased […]

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06/04 2017

MT760 Blocked Funds Transaction

“Cash Is King!” we’ve heard this expression a thousand times.  It is not always possible to qualify for SBLC/BG Issuance and saves time to be able to put cash itself into a monetizing platform. (Click Here for Private Placement since in an MT760 Transaction, your funds would make you a profit, without spending your principle!)  […]

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02/25 2017

Banned Banks Banned Assets

HSBC Hong Kong:  Any proof of funds coming from HSBC HK in general, specifically POFs, Bank Comfort Letters (BCLs)  or any document that requires verification or to run through a compliance check will prove 99.9 percent of the time fraudulent.  HSBC and the island of Hong Kong are producing prodigious amounts of fraudulent documents, and […]

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11/05 2016

Dispelling Myths about Bank Guarantees and SBLCs

There is one particular myth that pervades mostly from the United States which says: “There is no way to monetize SBLCs or Bank Guarantees… Anyone who suggests otherwise is simply fraudulent”.  This form of Funding for Large Projects has been going on in Asia and Europe for decades.  It seems that Americans don’t understand what […]

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11/02 2016

SBLC and Bank Guarantee Project Funding

Project Funding is essential to successful SBLC and or Bank Guarantee Monetization.  If you search the Internet, and find a company which says you do not need a Project in order to monetize an Instrument, then they are more than likely fraudulent, or out to increase the number of people they fleece.  AmeriFunding is an […]

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10/24 2016

Issuing Banks

We have surveyed the Top Search Results for SBLCs and Bank Guarantees.  EVERY SINGLE Site either says:  “Top Banks”  or “Top 100 Banks”.   What does this mean, and how does it impact you? Top 5 Banks:   Credit Suisse, HSBC, Deutsche, Chase/Morgan, Wells or BofA.   These are the “Top 5” which is a far cry from […]

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08/14 2016

Selling or Monetizing LTNs

2017 – TRANSACTIONS INVOLVING THE HYPOTHECATION OF A BRAZILIAN TREASURY BOND (LTN) BACKGROUND ON BRAZILIAN LETRA DO TESOURO NACIONAL (LTN) There are four (4) active Series of LTNs at this time. 1. Series H – Original Face Value of CRS1,200,000,000 2. Series M – Original Face Value of CRS5,000,000,000 3. Series R – Original Face […]

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03/04 2016

Become a Business Finance Agent

What is an area of business that will NEVER dry up?  Has been around for ten thousand years?  And is the LARGEST transfer of money every single day worldwide? Private Investing, Business Financing, and Venture Capital accounts for Billions of dollars an hour in the world economy.  Literally TRILLIONS of dollars a year move around […]

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02/12 2016

Need Cash Now?

Need Business Cash Now? We Lend Money to Almost Anyone. Not Credit Score Based, our Motto is:   DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO LEND TO THIS PERSON? Business Owner?  Contact us today.  We are one of the few sources for marketing and expansion still lending to small business owners. We have provided over $250,000,000 to […]

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02/10 2016

Existing Business Credit Line

  We have facilitated over $250 Million in funding to thousands of small businesses nationwide. Contact us today to see how we can help your business. 703-801-0377 We Provide Small Businesses the Capital They Need About Our Advances All Investors, Angels, Venture Capitalists, Lenders and Banks look at your revenue moving forward.  It’s really that […]

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