Bank Guarantee Oil and Energy Contracts

A popular way to fund Oil and Energy Contracts is through Bank Guarantee Monetization.  AmeriFunding.Net is perfectly suited to Underwrite the Contract for Bank Guarantee qualification.  Our Oil and Energy Partner, Global Consultants, LLC is a Texas based firm which has been in business for over 30 years, and with over 100 years of combined experience on Staff.

Why does my Contract Need to be Underwritten?

Banks CANNOT solicit clients for Bank Guarantees.  In order to maximize profit from the Bank Guarantee, the Oil and Gas trader needs to have a Contract/Prospectus that will pass muster, and make sense.   You can realize 20 to 40% of the face amount of the Bank Guarantee each month!  For instance, a $100Million bank guarantee issued by JP Morgan,  Credit Suisse, HSBC, Wells Fargo or BofA is worth FAR MORE THAN THE Face amount, and will over the term of a year yield 110% to 150% of the face amount of the Instrument.   Thus, knowing that the Contract will pass muster is but a first step in the process, and AmeriFunding.Net charges NO FEES at any time, and NO UP FRONT FEES to review your Oil and Energy contract for suitability.


Are all Bank Guarantee Trading Platforms the Same?

Far from it!  Most of the so called “traders” are new to Oil and Gas Bank Guarantee trades, as this is largely a new market for BG’s.  And the Energy Manager needs to be cognizant THAT NOT ALL TRADERS are the same by any measure.  One of the reasons is that few if any of the trades actually take place in the United States.  Most of the revenue will flow in from overseas desks each day.  AmeriFunding.Net uses a Washington, DC desk with all the security clearances, and with over ten years of experience in Bank Notes.   Many Energy Managers find out too late, that not only are their traders not skilled, but they are only middlemen. works directly with it’s own Trader on Oil and Energy Transactions.

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