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AmeriFunding.Net has years of experience in dealing with Bank Guarantees, Mid Term Notes (MTNs)  SBLCs and other Bank Instruments, for Lease, Monetizing by Trading Platform or Non Recourse Loan, and selling the BG after your term is up.  Contact us today at 571-501-6129.  You can also fill out the form below.  We state with full confidence that we obtain: “The Lowest Rates and Highest Returns” because we deal DIRECT with Issuing Banks, no middlemen, and no intermediaries.  No Up Front Fees, if we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid.   Saturday and Sunday calls accepted.



Banks CANNOT solicit clients directly for Issuance and MUST go through intermediaries, who also cannot solicit clients for Bank Guarantees.   Many Bank Guarantees will not issue without a solid business plan.  If you have failed to monetize a Bank Guarantee in the past, it is because of the inexperience of the Intermediary and Broker.   Many traders just want to “sell or lease” you a BG, and they feel their business is concluded.  But to truly benefit from an Issuance, you need to have a personal conversation about what you are trying to do, and how you want to get there.  Bank Guarantees especially CAN BE MONETIZED!  They do not just lie dormant.  It is entirely possible to borrow against them, trade them on a platform, and benefit 100 to 150% of the face amount, if handled correctly by an experienced professional.

Clients MUST be referred to AmeriFunding.Net  by Affiliates, Field Agents, and Clients MUST be known to these Intermediaries in order to discuss issuance of Bank Guarantees.  Alternatively, Clients MUST have a strong prospectus or Business Plan.  We can help, however, you must be advised, that the lack of  structure has failed many a project manager, who expecting to be able to monetize their BG simply can’t because they refuse to put in the work.

If you arrived at this page without having been referred, please note that you will NOT be able to discuss issuance of Bank Guarantees with AmeriFunding.Net unless you have a full prospectus, biz plan, brief, or executive summary.  Trading Instruments simply to make a profit is NOT allowed under our mandate.   We can help you with your business plan, but you should at least have a brief if you do not have a full prospectus.



Why Use a Bank Guarantee?

BGs are accepted by other banks and other businesses as proof that a company or transaction has backing, and is financially solvent.  Bank Guarantees imply liquidity.  They can also be traded, and can be used to fund projects or monetize assets if they are leveraged on “trading platforms”.


What is the Minimum and Maximum Size of Your Bank Guarantees?

As Low as $10Million (in some cased) but the Industry Standard Minimum is $100Million  up to $1 Trillion.   We say that with this caveat:  There are VERY FEW small BGs available in the $5 to $50Million range, simply because Top Rated Banks don’t issue them that small.   We see a few of them, but not many.  AND we are loathe to delve into the Second Tier banks to find notes that small.  However for the right client, and the right project we might.

We are direct to:  Chase, Wells, Barclays, JPMorgan and Deutsche.  So we can get Bank Guarantees and SBLCs directly from them in any amount needed to complete the project.


What is a Bank Guarantee?

Bank Guarantees are financial instruments, which along with SBLCs and MTNs (Mid Term Notes) according to Investipedia:

A bank guarantee is a guarantee from a lending institution ensuring the liabilities of a debtor will be met. … A bank guarantee enables the customer, or debtor, to acquire goods, buy equipment or draw down loans, and thereby expand business activity.


What is a Leased Bank Guarantee?

Rather than purchase a Bank Guarantee outright at 48% to 52% of it’s face amount, many companies elect to lease Bank Guarantees which are much more affordable in the range of 15% of the Face Amount.  At certain times of the year, we may be able to get a Lease for you at a lower price, the industry standard is to quote 10% of Face Amount.  Thus, a $100Million Lease would require $10Million in Proof of Funds submitted with the Application.


Why are Bank Guarantees Traded?

Banks cannot profit from buying/selling or leasing their own Guarantee.  This would be akin to monetizing your reputation or words.   Banks are prohibited from even soliciting anyone involved in Bank Guarantees at all by International Law.  Consequently, there is a market created by demand.  Bank Guarantees are valuable on the second and tertiary markets, and this also creates an environment for Intermediaries to profit on the leasing and selling of Bank Guarantees.  Unfortunately, this also creates misunderstandings and opportunities for fraud.  Anyone attempting to transact BGs should ALWAYS have a relationship with the Intermediary, and know that the intermediary has a solid working relationship with parties who know how to handle or transact these instruments.

Can a Bank Guarantee be Monetized at some point?

Yes!  There are a number of methods for monetizing, including:  Non Recourse Loan,  Selling or Leasing, and so called trading platforms.

     ~  A non recourse loan against a Bank Guarantee: a relatively quick way to monetize (in about ten days)  and yield 50 to 65% on a Leased instrument; and 85 to 100% on a purchased instrument.

     ~  Selling or Leasing the BG would yield between 2 percent and 20 percent of the face value of the Instrument.

     ~  Trading Platforms have the highest yield (between 50% and 200% annually) and are the most complex of the choices but with the highest ROI

AMERIFUNDING ONLY DEALS WITH TOP BANKS:   HSBC, Credit Suisse, BofA, Bank of Scotland, Wells Fargo, Deutsche and JP MORGAN.

OUR DESK is Registered through the IMF, World Bank, UN, and UN NGO’s who have been checked through Interpol and the FBI in the past.  Our Desk is considered a “Top Trader” in Financial Instruments.   Our Desk has relationships with State Treasury Departments, Ministers of Finance, and NGOs who transact Billions of Dollars each quarter in Bank Guarantees.  AmeriFunding is but a conduit, and underwriting your project or transaction starts with us.


If you have been referred to AmeriFunding regarding BG’s, MTNs, or SBLCs and are requesting to know more about them, you can contact us at 571-501-6129  or eMail us at:  Info@AmeriFunding.Net

We can also have face to face conversations with you about these transactions, travel, or meet in our offices.  For those with time constraints we can get on Skype.  AmeriFunding ONLY DEALS in Top Rated Instruments, and operates in the United States, most Instrument traders in the U.S. have to go through their contacts in London or Singapore.  Our desk is located here in the United States, and therefore you are Client Direct to Desk.


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