02/25 2017

Banned Banks Banned Assets

HSBC Hong Kong:  Any proof of funds coming from HSBC HK in general, specifically POFs, Bank Comfort Letters (BCLs)  or any document that requires verification or to run through a compliance check will prove 99.9 percent of the time fraudulent.  HSBC and the island of Hong Kong are producing prodigious amounts of fraudulent documents, and these burden the banking system by the sheer volume.  If you have a Broker, Intermediary, Provider or Issuer who says they will accept something from Hong Kong, they are more than likely setting you up for an Advance Fee Scam, or just telling you what you want to hear.  Legitimate Bankers and Private Placement Platforms know to stay away from anything that comes from Hong Kong.

Shenzen Province:  Known as the Forgery Capital of the World, you might see Billion Dollar Proof of Funds, Drivers Licenses, Passports, Bank Statements, and all manner of forged CIS Forms or KYC Packages ~ all of them are fake.  This government sanctioned fraud is part of China’s way of doing business.  Instead of being the pride of the banking world, and setting a standard of excellence, there seems to be only very vague enforcement.      The best thing to do is delete the person’s eMail who sends you anything from China, and NEVER do business with them again.  If they are involved with fraud even accidentally, why would you want to do business with them?



  • SKR’s – Safe Keeping Receipts

  • Bank Drafts

  • CMO’s – Collateralized Mortgage Obligation

  • Copper Isotopes

  • Historical Bonds including Mexican Bonds

  • IBOE’s – International Bills of Exchange

  • In-ground Assets

  • KTT – Key Tested Telex Transfer

  • Mt103 One Way

  • Offset Bonds

  • Proof of Funds Services

  • Promissory Notes

  • S2S – Server to Server

  • African Banks

  • Sovereign Guarantees  (if we are involved in the SG discussions, we will consider them valid)

  • Treasury Bonds & Notes

  • Venezuelan Banks or Bonds


There are a number of “sanctioned” banks which the U.S. Treasury has specifically sanctioned, and you cannot engage, namely Sverbank in Russia, any banks in N. Korea for instance, and of course, we’ve already mentioned  HSBC Hong Kong, where they’d rather provide false documents than real even if you have money there!

The US Treasury .Gov Official Sanctions List is Here:  https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/SDN-List/Pages/default.aspx  if you have a Provider that says they will accept an instrument from one of these sources? That Provider is probably fraudulent, and avoid them at all costs, remember the better they make the deal sound ~ well… You won’t get something for nothing.  They’ll want a Fee, or to charge you money up front at some point, and why waste time?  They’ll get around to asking you, but in the meantime, you will think you are dealing with a legit provider, and you are just wasting time, and possibly tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A Quick List of Banks to Avoid:

  1. Alpha Bank – Russia

  2. Altika Corporation – USA

  3. Amrah Bank – Azerbaijan

  4. Anametrics – Malaysia

  5. Axios Credit Bank – Singapore

  6. Bank Dominion – UK

  7. Baoming Group Corporation – Costa Rica

  8. Baoming Group Company – Hong Kong

  9. Barley Investments Limited – UK

  10. Bass-Mint Management Group – Canada

  11. Bond Masters Finance Services Ltd – UK

  12. C & F Limited – UK

  13. Capital & Finance Limited – UK

  14. Century Bancorp – Canada

  15. Chesterfield & Baggins Investment Bankers Ltd – UK

  16. Chez Financial & Investment – Cameroon

  17. CNF Merchant Bank – Italy

  18. Commercial Development Bank – UK & Australia

  19. Continental Finance Group – NZ

  20. Credit Boston International – USA

  21. Cross Globe Business Solutions – India

  22. Crown Financial & Merchant Bank – UK

  23. DL Financial – UK

  24. Eastern Dragon (Investments) – Hong Kong

  25. Echo Capital – USA

  26. Embank – USA

  27. Estrategia Instruments – USA & Brazil

  28. Eurobank – Azerbaijan

  29. Euro Exim Bank – UK

  30. Fidelity Commercial Bank – NZ & Kenya

  31. Fortress Bank – Cyprus

  32. FT Asset Management- Sweden

  33. General Equity – NZ

  34. Secure Platform Funding RejectedGlobal Financings – USA

  35. Guarantees EU – UK

  36. Guarantees UK – UK

  37. Hamilton Guaranty Capital LLC (Texas) – USA

  38. HR Bank – UK

  39. Imax Funding Ltd – Hong Kong

  40. Imperial Banking – Cyprus

  41. Infinite Bank – Brazil

  42. InREFco / Jason Watson – USA

  43. Iteesi PGmbH – Belgium

  44. KBC Aldini Capital – Dubai

  45. KBC Euro Credit – Malta

  46. Kwan Hua – China

  47. Lloyd Bancaire – Luxembourg

  48. Lloyds Underwriters Corporation S.A – Costa Rica

  49. LBA Ventures LLC – USA

  50. Long Island Assets Limited – UK

  51. Menlo Investments Limited – UK

  52. Metro Capital Bank – UK

  53. New York Security Bank – USA

  54. Nilato Pte Ltd – Singapore

  55. Oakdm2 UK Limited – UK

  56. Panamian Trust and Savings Guarantee – Panama

  57. PLDM Holdings LLC (Florida) – USA

  58. PLG Capital Bank – St Lucia

  59. Point Bank – UK

  60. Providence Investments Group

  61. Ricom Trust – Russia

  62. Rosbank – Russia

  63. RSM & RB Finance AL – Luxembourg

  64. Sberbank – Russia

  65. Soleil Chartered Bank / Soliel Capital – USA

  66. Standford Funding – UK & USA

  67. Suisse Bancorp – Hong Kong

  68. Suisse Credit Bancorp – UK

  69. Suisse Credit Capital – UK

  70. Suisse Merchant Capital – UK

  71. Suisse Bank PLC – UK

  72. Swift Giants – USA

  73. Swiss Trading and Fiduciary Trust – Switzerland

  74. Taphus Investments – St John

  75. The Baoming Group LLC – USA

  76. The Hanson Group of Companies – Panama

  77. Trade Bankcorp – Canada

  78. Trust Investment Bank – Pakistan

  79. Unicom Bank – Ukraine

  80. Union Credit Guarantee – Spain

  81. US Capital Private Bank = USA

  82. Vectrabank – USA

  83. Villiers Midco Limited – UK

  84. WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd – Germany

  85. Zenith Financial Management Limited – UK

~~> The best advise AmeriFunding can give you is to stick with REAL CASH BACKED Instruments;  use London or European “TOP 5 Banks” Like Suisse, Barclays or HSBC London LTD…  Your chances of dealing with at least a modicum of legal and genuine POFs/BCLs/DOCUMENTS is much greater.   By working with American banks, many of these problems are eliminated.

~~>  Do not RENT or LEASE  Bank Comfort Letters or Bank Statements!  Leasing an SBLC is a genuine transaction and a leased BG or SBLC CAN BE MONETIZED, but that doesn’t mean you can use a “Leased” Bank Statement, or RWA/BCL.  Bank comfort letters WILL BE VERIFIED and checked by a legit operator, and you won’t be able to fool them.  There is software which can be used to scan your documents.  You don’t want to be put on a watch list, as you will NEVER be successful in getting paper issued.




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