Joint Ventures

JV Deals are a popular way to spread risk and rewards.  Both parties to the Joint Venture share in the investment, the profits, risks and losses.  A Joint Venture can be set up in an infinite variety of shares, and can contain more than two Investment entities.  Looking for a compatible partner could be as easy as reaching out to friendly competitors,  using your network of contacts, or finding a Joint Venture specialist to help you market your idea, and find you a partner.

AmeriFunding.Net has many Joint Venture Opportunities in a Variety of Industries.  We add to our database in multiple sectors such as:

~ Real Estate Investors

~ Medical/Wellness/Medical Office

~ Alternative Energy

~ Petroleum Energy

~ Gaming

~ Casino

~ Entertainment

~ Hotels

~ Multi Family Rev Gen Properties

~ Hospitality

~ Food/Restaurant/Service

~ Warehouse

Your Joint Venture can be for just one isolated project, or involve your entire business collateralization.

We often find opportunities that emerge where no previous Joint Venture was even anticipated.   For instance, a company may be seeking an Investor, but determines it is faster, economical, and a shared risk to partner up with that investor.



Joint Venture