06/04 2017

Leased Proof of Funds

In a word,   Leased Proof of Funds are worthless.  Vendors and Providers often provide this service, because there are such things as “Leased SBLCs” or “Leased BG’s”.  There is a major difference:   A Leased Bank Instrument still costs a Million or more US Dollars and the money goes to THE ISSUING BANK!   A Leased Instrument CAN BE MONETIZED!  A person undergoes compliance and Due Diligence, like a background check, and Proof of Funds must be attached.  So these unscrupulous suppliers of Leased Proof of Funds are playing on the terminology, and preying on optimistic business people who don’t know that LEASED POF or POF SERVICES is NOT the same as a Leased Instrument issued by a reputable bank.

There are businesses out there who will supposedly lease you a Proof of Funds.  We hate to rub vinegar on your wounds, but if you have fallen for this scam, you are not the first, nor likely you will not be the last.

What this group of Venders is doing is adding to the problem, not solving any problems.  Not only is a false Proof of Funds illegal and felony fraud, it is also going to get your project listed in the “suspicious transaction”  section under the http://fincen.gov  guidelines.  The U.S. Gov’t, the Treasury and the Banking System all share databases under the FinCen program, and therefore ALL TRANSACTIONS are considered suspect, until proven legitimate.

A typical Proof of Funds provider would be like this one:  http://www.pof-1.com/

under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should ANYONE ever submit one of these documents to a Private Placement Platform, an Issuer, to AmeriFunding, Inc, to ANY provider, or any other party that is legitimately associated with real banks or programs.  It is not worth the damage to your reputation.  Moreover, the old axiom:  “you don’t get something for nothing…”  applies.   Is it realistic to think that if you lease a fake Proof of Funds (the Leasor will say it’s real of course)  that a Platform is going to be able to turn thin air into profit and fund your project?

If you are in this situation, where you feel the only thing you can afford is a $100,000 or $250,000 investment, then play it safe:  Avoid purchasing a fake proof of funds, and put your money into an AmeriFunding, Inc.  “Pre Platform Request”.   This  PPR is specifically designed for the investor who does NOT have enough money to obtain a $10Million to $100Million Instrument on their own.  They are ONLY OFFERED BY AMERIFUNDING WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT you will be taking your profits to the next level.    AmeriFunding does NOT offer this kind of investment to someone who is just looking to improve their cashflow, and enrich themselves.  This is why it is called a PRE PLATFORM REQUEST – it is a great return on investment – and to help the Project Manager with little or no cash to “Play Bigger” and move them into the next level.  Learn more about Pre Platforms here.

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