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An SBLC or Standby Letter of Credit is similar to a Bank Guarantee.  BOTH are often used for the same purposes.  Beware, NOT all dealers are the same, just as all SBLCs are not the same.  Any broker or intermediary can obtain for you an an SBLC, but the purchaser must be very careful.  You do not want to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on an instrument that you cannot leverage for your needs.  Many Specialty Brokers offer a Standby Letter of Credit, but without the proper pre advise language, many of them are virtually useless.  This is a MAJOR issue.  Simply Googling: “SBLC Issuer” will ALMOST ALWAYS get you to an Intermediary, none of them are Direct Issuers, and they do not know how to leverage the Instrument.  Everyday, AmeriFunding hears how “other” Instrument traders appear to be in the United States, but almost always deal with overseas Desks.  AmeriFunding is U.S. based, and our Trading Desk is in Washington, DC.  We are the ONLY  ALL American Desk on the Internet.  This means we are accountable, and HAVE to do a great job.  We can’t pass the buck.


AmeriFunding.Net has the skillsets and experience to negotiate the proper Pre Advise so that when issued, the SBLC can be traded, leveraged, sold or negotiated.  Simply put, AmeriFunding.Net takes into consideration the needs of the Client BEFORE any attempt is made at leasing or purchasing an SBLC.  If the Bank cannot agree to terms, we move to another top rated bank.  Our relationships with World Markets, Government Treasuries, NGOs and bank Desks can also be leveraged to get the Purchaser the most favorable terms.  We take our Motto Seriously:  “The Lowest Rates and Highest Returns” because we are Direct to Issuer, with no middlemen or intermediaries.  This means your interests are served professionally and efficiently, or not at all.   No Up Front Fees, if we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid.   Saturday and Sunday calls accepted:  571-501-6129


AmeriFunding, Inc arranges for direct contact with our Trading Desk who has years of experience, and long term relationships established with the Bank Guarantee Desks of Top Rated banks like:  HSBC,  JP Morgan,  Wells Fargo,  Credit Suisse and others.  Being able to obtain the proper instrument should only take a day or so, and understanding your project & what you are trying to do are both key to successful monetization.  Many a purchaser comes to us and their past experiences tell the same story:  “I could not leverage my bank guarantee and nobody seems to know how to fix it”.   The first reason that their BG could not be leveraged or monetized is almost ALWAYS because they did not want to take the time to put together a solid Prospectus or Business Plan.  The second biggest hurdle is counterintuitive:  The Intermediary or Broker did exactly as asked, and simply purchased the SBLC but without the proper pre advice.  AmeriFunding, Inc. MAY be able to monetize the Instrument, if in fact you are the owner of record.

AmeriFunding is a U.S. registered corporation, and not based overseas.  This is crucial.  Many instrument brokers appear to be U.S. based but their traders are overseas, usually London and Singapore.  There is nothing wrong with that arrangement, but purchasers want accountability ~ you want to know that you are dealing not only with an experienced team, but a company that you can work with throughout the life of the purchase or lease.   If something goes wrong, you want to be able to sit down in person, and know that we are liable for any errors, or that we are facilitating the transaction properly.

LARGE PROJECTS:   Many large projects need to have an SBLC in order for the bank to lend money.  AmeriFunding can not only purchase or lease the instrument, but we can also monetize it at the end of the project, so that you can recoup some if not all of your expenses, and in most cases, you can also profit a tidy sum by transferring it to another project manager.

OIL AND GAS CONTRACTS:  It is popular to get an SBLC or Bank Guarantee in order to guarantee fulfillment.  This can work if you are Buyer or Seller, or Both.  As with a Large Project, the Oil and Gas Contract should be solid, well written with the Bios of the Buyer/Seller, so that AmeriFunding can write a proper platform request.  The success of obtaining the proper pre advice language is dependent on the quality of the contract.

As with all of our products and Services, AmeriFund’s policy of “Lowest Prices, Highest Profits”  extends in two directions.  We want to make sure you get the lowest rates for purchase or lease of your SBLC, but that you also are able to leverage the Instrument, and profit from owning it.  This can be done even while you are actively working on your Project.  For instance, we can leverage the SBLC to obtain another Note, and put that Note on the Trading Platform for returns of 50 to 150% of the face value of the Instrument.

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