06/04 2017

MT760 Blocked Funds Transaction

“Cash Is King!” we’ve heard this expression a thousand times.  It is not always possible to qualify for SBLC/BG Issuance and saves time to be able to put cash itself into a monetizing platform. (Click Here for Private Placement since in an MT760 Transaction, your funds would make you a profit, without spending your principle!)  For instance, if someone were to sell an MTN (Mid Term Note) and has $200,000,000 in proceeds, then that 200Mil Cash could be blocked at their own bank using a SWIFT MT760 in favor of the Platform, and then at the end of one year and a day, that money is released and the block removed.  A Blocked Funds Transaction is:  SAFE! The money never leaves your bank account!

This type of transaction has advantages:

~ More Efficient than putting an Instrument into a Monetization or so called “Trading Platform”.

~ Client doesn’t have to wait for an SBLC to Issue, cash can move into a Platform quickly

~ Money is never leveraged, there is no lien, the cash is not encumbered

~ Block is only for the period of the transaction, not forever

~ Money is returned at the end of the agreed to period of time

~ Less expensive, lower maintenance costs to block cash than a Bank Instrument

~ Source of Funds is easily verifiable and compared to instrument purchase, relatively self evident


A scenario in which an MT760 might be used?   A Client calls AmeriFunding, Inc.  wishing to purchase an SBLC/BG, and they have verifiable funds of $150,000,000 to purchase an $400,000,000 (face amount) SBLC for the purpose of building hospitals in the U.S. and Canada.   The client corporation has the $150Million Cash in a Top Rated Bank like JPMorgran, Barclays London, Credit Suisse Luxembourg, HSBC Singapore or other top bank, and the bank participates in the SWIFT system.  The funds are free and clear of any criminal origin because they are proceeds from the sale of a bearer bond (Mid Term Note: MTN) that the client recently sold. The client corporation is behind schedule in acquiring various parcels of real estate to build their hospitals.

Another scenario where this technique may be used is not so clear.  Client has been “shopping” for an SBLC through various providers who have no real track record of performance, or it is discovered too late that they are but intermediaries.  Unbeknownst to Client, they are on a watch list through no fault of their own, and they need to move forward with project funding to meet a deadline.

There are other instances where an MT760 Blocked Funds transaction simply makes sense.   If for instance, they have an SBLC, they have proceeds which are being paid through a monetization platform, or trading program, they may wish to “Block” those funds or a portion of those funds at their bank as a sort of cash reserve.  Since the funds are never encumbered, there is no lien placed on them, the client can “have their cake and eat it too..”  to turn a phrase.  They can have additional cash flow from the MT760 Program, while also never losing their principle.   The client is putting their money to work in the most efficient manner by putting the cash into a Program, and reaping the benefits at a rate two or three times higher than they would by spending the proceeds of the SBLC Non Recourse Funding.

In short, an MT760 Blocked Funds transaction simply makes more sense than going through the compliance issues involved in obtaining an instrument.  Not only are pitfalls avoided, but the profits are very similar.  For instance, it is not unusual for a Platform to offer 100% of the blocked funds to be returned in 7 to 10 days for an MT760 “Cash” Transaction, but the same amount for an SBLC/BG  monetization may take 14-21 days to pay out.

MT760 Programs ARE available, and the Client must be able to demonstrate they have a Project ~ meaning you must have at Least an Exec Summary or Slide Deck, and demonstrate that you are sincere about building something.  The monetary system is not in place to increase wealth alone, but to create long term jobs, or lower the carbon footprint, or both.  A Client must  have their CIS completed, and show proof of funds.  DO NOT attempt to submit files where there is “credit only” or POF from any source that is rented, borrowed, or purchased on the Internet.  Buying or Leasing a POF on the Internet is a complete waste of money; not to mention very embarrassing.    These NEVER work, and they cannot be used for MT760 Blocked Funds Transactions, and will not pass a Compliance Check.

Blocked Funds Transactions or MT760 Blocked Funds transactions, generally, as a rule of thumb are $100Million and up.  However, AmeriFunding, Inc. has programs where the funds can be blocked for as little as $10Million or $25Million (which is another reason that MT760 Transactions are as popular as they are).

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