Private Investors

Generally, the term:  “Private Investor”  runs the entire spectrum of non traditional money sources.  Whether you need a loan, a Venture Capitalist, an Angel Investor, start up capital, or Joint Venture, the term private investor will come into the conversation at some point.  There are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of private investors worldwide.  They generally have preferred areas of interest. If they come from a tech background, and made their fortunes on the Internet, then they may not consider a tech investment as high risk.  If they work for a large medical or law firm, they may invest their partners money, and put it to use in Real Estate.

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Equity Investors help you finance your business model for a percentage of ownership.  Generally, a Private Investor will ask for 15-20 percent, and if you believe the West Texas Investors show on TV, they often ask for 50%.   Some don’t ask for a percentage of ownership at all!  Many private investors lend money at market rates.  We have some pools of funds that are available as low as 3.5%.   We have one private investor who lends at 6% regardless of credit, his motto: “The deal has to make sense” … meaning if there is a prospect that the pro forma projections are realistic, and your business will make money?  He’ll lend you his own cash.

If you are a start up, and have no investor, AmeriFunding.Net always likes to  say:  “20 Percent of Nothing, is still Nothing”  or as Foghorne Leghorne says:  “Two Half Nuthins is still a whole Nuthin!”   An Angel Investor is considered a private investor, and they usually help companies with little or no capital, and sometimes even lend money on an idea alone.  Surely, they don’t want to be bothered by everyone with an idea, and their inboxes are full of schemes and possible investment choices.  Your idea has to:  A.  Make sense and B.  Stand out in the cluttered field.

Don’t be stingy.  Your start up  NEEDS a private Investor.   This often means you should have a PPM, or other Biz Plan.  (We also help you with your Biz Plan/PPMs/JV Proposals, inquire)  Ask us about helping you create a Business Plan that will work for you!  Call Lon at 703-675-0593

Our database has plenty of private investors in every area of expertise, and we maintain relationships with them.  We are always adding more investors daily to this pool of funds.  If you can’t or won’t qualify for a loan, or think that private investing is your ticket to succeed, than contact us at

Private Investors