Private Placement Platforms

Private Placement Platforms also known as Trade Platforms are essential to the Treasury for disbursement of Non Recourse Funding.  Platforms are comprised of various professionals very closely working with large international banks.   Their very existence is misunderstood, and yet their  importance is vital to SBLC/BG monetization as well as distribution of proceeds from Global Bonds.

It is important to realize that most of the information regarding Platforms on the Internet is misinformation and disinformation.  We’ve seen posts that say,  “Platforms don’t exist” even though there are quite public links to bank departments who handle these transactions.    Why would there be such misinformed people out there?  They are not able to ascertain “Project Funding” from “Investment Risk”.  They fail to grasp the very basic principle that Platforms do NOT exist for personal enrichment, or personal profit.  Platforms exist to get funds out to Developers and Project Managers for

~Long Term Jobs Creation

~ or Lowering the Carbon Footprint

~or Social Impact

In short, if you have to wonder if Platforms exist, or you are still doubtful, please don’t contact us, or waste your time or ours.  If on the other hand you are looking to fund a Large Project, and you have a Business Plan, or Executive Summary that you can send today?  Then we want to see it, and we want to discuss how you can fund that project.  Sure you can profit from Project Development, that poses no obstacle.  But your primary motive for obtaining an instrument, or getting introduced to a Platform cannot be solely for personal gain.  You need to be building something.

This brings up one obvious point, and red flag:  If any Provider you contact says they can “waive the project requirements”  then they do NOT have your best interests at heart, are probably fraudulent, and will steal your money.  DO NOT TRUST ANYONE who says that a Project is Not Required.  Use common sense!  Is the Provider to contact a Platform and tell them you need 50 million or 100 million dollars but you have no outline?  That is simply ridiculous.