Project Requirements

Let’s say you were competing with another client for Non Recourse Funding, SBLC Issuance, BG Issuance, or MT760 Blocked Funds (or all of them!) and BOTH files were complete:  they had valid verifiable Proof of Funds, neither client had any prior arrests, both are really solid well put together CIS Forms.   But your competitor took the extra 10 seconds to send in their project.  Guess who will get their file approved?  And which one will simply end up on the compliance officer’s floor?

Understand This:

~ Standby Letter (s) of Credit

~ Bank Guarantees

~ Blocked Funds Transactions

~ Non Recourse Funding

~ Private Placement Platforms

~ Pre Platform Requests


Any so called “Provider” who says you can waive this Project Requirement is participating in fraud, or will soon hit you up for an advance fee, telling you what you want to hear or playing on your greed.   Be aware of this red flag issue:  If the person you are speaking to says you do not need a project, RUN AWAY from them, because they are not legitimate, and they are out to take your money.

Having said all that, it is NOT THE FUNCTION of AMERIFUNDING to JUDGE your project or contract.  Our job is to make sure you HAVE ONE.  This is pretty simple and elemental to the process.  Either you have a project or contract, or you don’t.

We look for some basic factors:

~ How many jobs will your project create?

~ Will you be repurposing old spaces, materials, or property?

~ Will you be lowering the carbon footprint?

~ Will you be using more efficient, cost effective mining or refinery techniques?

~ Have you added solar or wind or geothermal to your project?

~ Is this a pure humanitarian play (clean water, feeding hungry people, revitalizing areas of high unemployment)

ANY OF THE THINGS ABOVE WILL IMPROVE YOUR PROJECT!  You do NOT have to include all of the things above, but at least one of those areas of emphasis is important.

BE CONCISE:  ALWAYS BE SHORTENING!  If you have to say something in 200 words, restructure the paragraph to 20 words:  “This Project will create 20 Long Term Jobs, and repurpose a rat infested vacant building as our headquarters”   KEEP IT SIMPLE!  Bankers want to spend as little time as possible reading about your project, and more time on getting the funds into your beneficiary account.

If you have a project, then SEND IT IN FIRST!  Don’t ask a bunch of theoretical “what if” questions ~ that is wasting your time and ours.  REMEMBER, ALL FUNDING STARTS WITH YOUR PROJECT OR PROPOSED CONTRACT, so the sooner you send it in, the faster we can discuss it.

YES! I have a project, and I want to prove I have one, by sending it in now!

SBLC Lease or Purchase