11/02 2016

SBLC and Bank Guarantee Project Funding

Project Funding is essential to successful SBLC and or Bank Guarantee Monetization.  If you search the Internet, and find a company which says you do not need a Project in order to monetize an Instrument, then they are more than likely fraudulent, or out to increase the number of people they fleece.  AmeriFunding is an American based company with it’s desk in Washington, DC.   Our reputation is excellent because we do not work with overseas Issuer or Receiver Banks, and no Intermediaries.   Our SBLC/Bank Guarantee Mandate Calls for Projects:

~ With Long Term Jobs Creation

~ Which Lower the Carbon Imprint

~ Repurposing Old Spaces

~ Improving the Community

~ Oil and Gas Contracts

~ Commodities Contracts (like wheat, cement, aggregates)

~ Large Development Capital Projects like Windmill, Solar, Hydro Electric Dams, Skyscrapers

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FULL PROSPECTUS?  Then at least compile a short professional brief on the project and include:  Proceeds, Net Gains, How Many Jobs you are creating, how you are lowering the carbon imprint, how you are exiting the project.

AmeriFunding Has 12 Axioms which keep us focused on purposeful living, and wealth creation:

Always Remember to:

  1.  Be a Godly person.

  2.  Create Wealth using Godly Principles.

  3.  Create Jobs and Focus on Jobs Growth.

  4. Reduce the Carbon Imprint through Projects.

  5. Create Developers not just Developments.

  6. Build Projects of Beauty.

  7. Develop Systems that Duplicate and Multiply.

  8. Always help another project manager succeed.

  9. Rush to the Aid of Any person who genuinely needs your help.

  10.  Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

  11.  Be flexible, adjust to circumstances, follow the Master Plan.

  12. Remember that the Miracle is Bigger than Human Expectations, PLAY BIGGER!





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