SBLC Bank Guarantee Monetization

SBLC  Stand By Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee Monetization

Call:  571-501-6129

From outside the U.S. WhatsApp: 213-858-9761

No Upfront Fees

CIS/KYC and Proof of Funds Required

Any Funds You Submit are Sent to ISSUING BANK, not AmeriFunding, Inc.


No Asian Banks (see Banned Asset List here )

AmeriFunding, Inc, a U.S. registered corporation monetizes SBLCs for Project Funding, and those Project Managers who seek Project Funding.  By far, the single most reason why a Stand By Letter of Credit – SBLC does NOT issue, is that the Signatory/Client fails to demonstrate a worthy project by submitting one or more of the following:

Business Plan

Feasibility Study

Executive Summary

Short Word Doc

Project Outline

To submit any of the above with your POF, send as many details as possible to:   Lon@AmeriFunding.Net

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Our Principles involve 12 Axioms:

  1.  Be a Godly person.

  2.  Create Wealth using Godly Principles.

  3.  Create Jobs and Focus on Jobs Growth.

  4. Reduce the Carbon Imprint through Projects.

  5. Create Developers not just Developments.

  6. Build Projects of Beauty.

  7. Develop Systems that Duplicate and Multiply.

  8. Always help another project manager succeed.

  9. Rush to the Aid of Any person who genuinely needs your help.

  10.  Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

  11.  Be flexible, adjust to circumstances, follow the Master Plan.

  12. Remember that the Miracle is Bigger than Human Expectations, PLAY BIGGER!